Employee Payroll Management

This module will create monthly payroll by simple clicks, receive payslips and consolidated reports. Payroll module includes configurable salary rules for basic salaries, allowances, deductions. Different salary structures can be created as per the level of employee. Payroll will be linked with employee contract, unpaid leaves, provident fund, advance salary, accounts etc. Basic salary can be calculated from different budgets/projects. Salary payment from cashbook and bank with auto journal entries. Salary can be refund with auto reverse journal entries.

1.Advance Salaries:

Employee requests for advance salaries, manager approve or reject the request and can forward to other managers for their feedback. Different rules can be applied to advance salaries from predefined rules. Integrated with payroll and accounts modules.

2.General Provident Fund:

The module should compute the amount of provident fund to be deducted for employees who are members of the fund. Both employees and employer’s contributions are maintained for each member employee as per the percentage decided. The accrued provident fund for each member is also maintained. The system checks that loans taken against provident fund do not exceed the accrued value of GPF for that employee. It will be linked with accounts and payroll modules. Printing of GPF ledgers for each member employee. Monthly/ Annual reports of contributions by the members.

3.Employee Loan Management:

  • An employee can request for loan. Manager can approve OR reject OR recommend to other managers for their feedback.
  • Track record of loans disbursed to employees, their recovery in installments and the balance amount payable.
  • Loans of various kinds should be maintained such as car loan, house loan, loan against PF, revolving funds, etc.
  • Facility to setup different types of loans having different installment plans.
  • Both interest based and interest-free loans should be maintained.
  • Once the installment per month has been decided, the system keeps
  • deducting the same amount regularly in the subsequent months until the total loan has been recovered or the installment amount has been changed.
  • The system should have provision for lump sum payment.
  • Monthly and annual loan register

4.Salary Taxes:

Salary Tax module should be automatically computed in payrolls based on the latest tax rules and produce the following report:

  • Income tax computation
  • Monthly/ quarterly income tax return
  • Salary certificate printing as per government requirement
  • Income Tax Statement
  • Facility to produce tax report in a format prescribed for e-filing by the FBR


Bonus module should work out the annual bonus based on detailed working of average basic salary and the bonus rate. Bonus should be calculated on the basis of the criteria defined by the user, which may be parameters such as:

  • Bonus rate
  • Category of employees
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Period of service of the employees
  • The allowances that would form the basis of computation of bonus
  • Provision to pay more than one bonus per year
  • Provision to define formula for calculations of bonus amount based on configured allowances and specified rates

6.Overtime Bonus:

The module should keep record of extra load on daily basis and make payments on monthly basis through the pay-slip. The number of hours worked as overtime per day can be recorded through attendance module. Different rules can be defined for overtime chargeable hours.

7.Pension Module:

The system should provide facility to calculate pension based on formula as per government directives.

Provision to enter opening balances and define contribution of employee and employer on the basis of basic pay and other allowances.

Facility to record nomination forms submitted by the retired employee.

Facility to disburse pension through payment system by making cheques.

Facility to suspend pension or transfer the rights to the legal heirs as per the formula.

8.Final Settlement:

This module should compute the terminal benefits for the employee who leaves the organization based on the following parameters:

  • Computation of leaves encashment
  • Computation of notice pay (either side)
  • Deduction of balance loan amount recoverable
  • Deduction of tax recoverable form the employee
  • Computation of salary for the days worked during the leaving month.