Odoo ERP

We recommend to use Odoo ERP System to achieve the Company objectives.

Odoo ERP is an all-in-one business software capable of covering all business needs, including HR, accounting & finance, procurement, project management, warehouse & inventory management, website & e-Commerce, billing, CRM, manufacturing, fleet etc. all seamlessly integrated.

Odoo ERP is the most disruptive enterprise management software in the world. Odoo is fully open source (AGPL License), super easy, full featured (3000+ apps) and its implementation price is 5 times less than traditional competitors like SAP, WebERP, xTuple, SAGE, Oracle ERP systems. More than 2 million enterprises run their business with Odoo ERP. Some Key features are:

  • Odoo has been structured as Business Applications
  • Great Improvements to usability.
  • Simplified versus extended view.
  • During search, new record creation option when no previous record found.
  • Good Dashboard
  • Dynamic Filters
  • Integrated user roles
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Auto update
  • Auto back up
  • Good communication tools i.e. emailing, chat, web, android and iPhone.
  • Customizable Email template
  • Customizable Reports
  • Given its modern and innovative architecture, Odoo is a flexible ERP allowing an implementation in phases and truly based on the evolution of your needs!

For more details, visit online http://www.odoo.com

Odoo Implementation:

ERISP can also give service to partners or directly customers who want to implement Odoo.

This covers the complete project implementation cycle of Odoo/OpenERP.

Project Execution Stages:

  1. Pre-Analysis / Gap Analysis
  2. Analysis
  3. Configuration
  4. Development if needed
  5. Testing
  6. Deployment
  7. Training
  8. Support

ERISP is responsible for all above cycle to execute complete project of customer with their business process.

Odoo Customization:

ERISP provides all kind of customization like workflow, report design, wizard, views, website design, etc..

ERISP provides development / offshore services to partners/customer on Odoo/OpenERP different versions.

  1. Before starting customization, ERISP will look the requirements and make technical analysis on it and based on that ERISP do customization.
  2. Customization of addons modules in Odoo (All versions).
  3. Qweb report design and modification on existing reports.
  4. Adapt current workflows of Odoo and changes according to business process of customer organization.
  5. Creation of views (List / Form / Kanban / Graph / Calendar .. )
  6. Development can be done with new API of Version 8.0 Odoo or old API based on request from customer.
  7. Customization by taking care of Security and master data as well as demo data.
  8. Testing at all level while developing the modules.

Odoo Training:

We provide functional and technical training’s of Odoo (Onsite and Online)

ERISP can offer to customers different types of trainings as below:

  1. Odoo Functional Training Standard.
  2. Odoo Technical Training Standard.
  3. Odoo User Training.
  4. Odoo Online Trainings.

ERISP will deliver the training with examples and workflow execution of business process which will help our customes to easily get the flow of Odoo and features available inside Odoo in standard modules.

Odoo Migration:

ERISP can make module migration from different levels of Odoo versions.

ERISP offers migration of different versions code in latest versions. This will allow customer/partners to work on new version released by Odoo/OpenERP. After migration testing of complete flow of modules can be run so that it assure the future production system to run smoothly.

Odoo Implementation Assistance:

We help you to implement Odoo to your customer premises.

When we say assistant of implementation that means providing onsite or online support during implementation of Odoo/OpenERP Projects. This can include the different support questions which may occur during implementation of Odoo.

ERISP can offer assistant for analysis of current system and how to map with Odoo with better process so that minimum customization will needed.

Odoo Support:

We provide functional and technical support to our customers and consultancy for business process mapping and analyse.

This service can be dividing in different categories mainly.

Different support packages can be offer based on customer/partner needs. 

  1. Online Support => Here ERISP can offer support online using different media to customers/partners.
  2. Onsite Support => ERISP can offer onsite consultant for required days and support the implementation of customer side.
  3. Email/Offline Support => Customer/Supplier can post the bugs/query by email and that will be fixed or replied in specific times.